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Anne Hathaway takes no sexist question bullshit.

Sorry for the recent glut of reblogs, but this one feels thematically appropriate.

I loved her Catwoman, which surprised me because I didn’t expect Hathaway to have enough edge for a good Catwoman. Hathaway may have edged out Pfeiffer for my favorite Catwoman (Hathaway wins for being true to the comic Selina, Pfeiffer wins for camp crazy).

I do wish she’d had this haircut as Selina, though - I like the Selina pixie more than the more old-fashioned long hair, because it just seems like it would be less of a hassle. I did like the goggles turning into cat-ears - I was worried it was going to be something kind of useless and generally unrelated to Catwoman, but it brought in her design from the comics artfully without being literal about it. I didn’t even mind the stilettos that much since she used them as weapons (which, if you’re wearing heels in combat, should be their use since I imagine it requires practice to fight in heels and you might as well use them to your advantage) and they lampshaded it with an early comment. 

In a complete sidenote, how awesome was it that they included a pseudo-Holly in the film? That made me happy. 

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